4 thoughts on “dq”

  1. I’d never played this game before, and I have to say, it’s eerily similar to my experience with depression. Almost everything that happens, I’ve felt. It’s amazing (if that’s the right word) how accurate this game is at depicting such a dark concept.

    With that being said, I completely agree about the text-only aspect being a turn-off. It’s hard to focus, and it’s a little too one-dimensional. With that being said, I’m not exactly sure how to ‘fix’ that issue. I think the suggestion of sound is an excellent one.

    “They may not be able to follow the steps of it due to a lack of health insurance, transportation, monetary resources, family support, etc.”

    This is a really important point. Money and health insurance is a big one. And while I think our world is getting better, we definitely still live in a time in which depression and other mental illnesses are heavily stigmatized. That means that “getting help” is a lot harding than it sounds, sadly.

    1. I know you have another post arguing for the purposes and potential advantages of anachronistic design, but I personally felt the minimalist design was fitting. When talking about depression, there’s often the urge to use cliches like “the prison of your mind,” and I think that speaks to one of depression’s chief features: the fact that it’s such a limiting disease, one that seems to sap the color out of life until all that remains is gray. In that sense, I felt that the technological limitations of Quinn’s project were good at conveying how depression similarly limits both the lives and the emotional experiences of sufferers.
      In general, I guess I view depression as a disease of static movement and stillness, and so I’m just a bit ambivalent about adding more technologically advanced components, as they could the game feel more dynamic and vivid. Failure of language is a part of depression that Depression Quest seems to forget, and I do think that sound or images could help to illustrate that attribute better than words, but I would want these features to be added in a way that still preserves the flattening, oppressively limiting atmosphere the text-only format currently conveys.

  2. I felt the game packaged the perspective of depression well. Not only does it have playability, but its educational/awareness potential is clear to see.

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